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QPST download comes referring “Qualcomm Product Support Tools” which is a flash program that can be used to flash Stock Firmware on Qualcomm Devices. QPST tool download can be used by a wide range of devices from various manufacturers to easily flash firmware files. It simply as to download the possible latest firmware and flash on the needed device. So as long as you are owning a Qualcomm device from Smartphones to Tablets powered Qualcomm chipsets, you are allowed QPST Flash Tool Download. And this is all the instruction manuals for it.

Download QPST Flash Tool for Windows:

QPST Flash Tools works with all versions of Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,  and Windows 10 (32 bit or 64-bit version of Windows).

V2.7.104 QPST V2.7.100 Download

V2.7.363 QPST V2.7.363 Download

V2.7.366 QPST V2.7.366 Download

V2.7.420 QPST V2.7.420 Download

V2.7.422 QPST V2.7.422 Download

V2.7.445 QPST V2.7.445 Download

V2.7.447 QPST V2.7.447 Download

V2.7.453 QPST V2.7.453 Download -Latest

How To Use Qfil Tool.

  • You can flash Qualcomm device with the help of this tool, Simple 1st you have to download the firmware of Qualcomm device then extract the file and then check the file extension is either in the format of.mbn or content.xml.


  • Download any Qfil suitability version as capable your device Install QPST and in the folder look Qfil folder simple run the software and click on the programmer and choose .mbn file


  • Click on the file Load XML & choose Raw Program. After Raw Program selection, you have to select Patch File.


  • Now it’s all done now it’s time to connect the device. Hold boot key and connect USB with your pc make sure the device driver must be installed and make sure your device should be connected in EDL mode you may find on “GOOGLE” of the device EDL mode then simply click on the Start button and wait till writing firmware complete


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